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We are sorry to announce that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will not offer classes or workshops in our salt wall studio. We hope to resume back in April. Please check back soon as we have future plans for online yoga classes.

Tuesday, March 10th | 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Spring Awakening ~ Restorative Yoga and More
w/ Karen Nourizadeh
Cost: $25

restorative yoga on anna maria island ami aluna spa bradenton beach

In this heart and hip-opening restorative yoga workshop, awaken the senses this Spring, and inhale the floral scents of Enfleurage Organic Oils while listening to a sound bath of Tibetan singing bowls, seafoam drums and a rain stick inside of Aluna’s Himalayan Salt Wall Studio. Melt away tension layer by layer, pose by pose, nestled between blankets and under eye pillows. As your body-mind relaxes, receive the ultimate spiritual seed for Spring, an ethereal heart-light meditation. You will leave feeling radiant and nourished, awakened to flourishing light within you.

Friday, March 20th | 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Spring Equinox ~ Radiant Yoga Flow & Sound Bath
w/ Rachael Croll
Cost: $25

yoga on anna maria island spring equinox aluna wellness spa

Welcome fresh, renewed energy in as the spring equinox brings more light to each day. Equinox’s mark the earth’s cycle around the sun where both day and night are equal in length. From this point forward the days become longer and lighter. This yoga flow class will harness the energy of planting new seeds, ushering in new beginnings, and blooming open. Invite the light of spring into body, mind, and soul- and flourish through this sacred equinox practice. Class ends with a crystal singing bowl sound bath.

Monday, March 23rd | 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

New Moon Yoga & Sound Bath Workshop
w/ Alicia Stevens & Christy Perry
Cost: $30

Feb brings yoga and sound bath workshop to Aluna Wellness Center and Spa on Anna Maria Island

When the moon is completely dark in the sky and there is no light to shine on our surroundings, it is the perfect time to look inside ourselves and discover what lights us up. In this new moon class, we will set our intentions and embody them with an hour of soft, soft flow accompanied by healing sounds of the crystal bowls. Receive the gifts of a Gong bath in an extra long, luxurious savasana. This class includes a take home healing crystal!

Wednesday, March 25th | 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Yoga Nidra with Sound Bath
w/ Jeremy and Nancy
Cost: $30

Yoga Nidra Soundbath Workshop at Aluna Wellness on Anna Maria Island this Month

Yoga Nidra is the practice and art of Yogic Sleep. It is a profound but simple guided meditation accessible to anyone. The practice systematically guides the body, mind and breath into a complete state of relaxation.

Quiet the mind and cultivate inner serenity as you rest in a supported savasana. Nancy’s voice will lead you through a guided relaxation where all the senses are drawn to gentle, conscious awareness, inviting the body to heal, creativity to flourish, and heart to expand.

While in this safe, sacred space Jeremy and Nancy will create a soundscape of handpan, didgeridoo, crystal singing bowls, multiple gongs, chimes and more. Each experience is created and offered with love and intention for healing and relaxation.

Receive deep rest while being immersed in the ethereal vibrations of a Yoga Nidra Sound Journey. All are welcome, no prior experience with yoga or meditation necessary.

Settle Into Stillness unites the healing power of deep relaxation with sacred sound. Settle Into Stillness was founded by Jeremy Arndt and Nancy Grzeszak, who met in 2011 and began traveling around the world together, sharing their passions of yoga and music through their Sound Journey events. Settle Into Stillness combines different world music instrumentation such as the handpan and didgeridoo with elements of gong baths and crystal singing bowls, creating an offering that remains entirely unique amongst today’s mindfulness-based musical offerings.
Jeremy and Nancy are both dedicated yoga students and teachers, living in service of inspiring others to live from their hearts and follow their dreams. In addition to their Sound Journeys, they lead their Conscious Living Retreats worldwide. Past retreats include Bali, Indonesia in 2016 and 2018, Lesvos, Greece in 2017, and Morocco in 2019.

Tuesday, April 7th | 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Ria Ray REST ~ Meditation, Healing and Energy Work w/ Ria Ray
Cost: $35

Ria Ray leading a February 2020 New Moon Yoga Class at Aluna on AMI

R ealize your truth.

E xperience self-love.

S trengthen your soul.

T rust yourself.

REST is a meditative force of love.

Join teacher Ria Ray on March 18 for a transformative REST meditation. Ria Ray will lead you into Self-love with a blend of breathing, energy work, visualization and meditation. She, will teach you how to let go, self-heal and live life as your authentic self.

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