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The Doctor's Bio
Dr. Patricia Graziano, DOM (Dr. of Oriental Medicine), AP (Acupuncturist), is a Florida Licensed Acupuncture Physician certified by the National Commission for Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and is a diplomate in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology. She received her medical training at New York College of Health Professions and East West college of Natural Medicine, where both conventional medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine are integrated in one. Dr. Tricia Graziano also has a bachelor degree in Health Sciences and Nutrition from James Madison University.

What is Acupuncture?
Acupuncture originated in China 5,000 years ago and is the oldest form of medicine that is still practiced today. Acupuncture is a method of encouraging the body to heal itself. There are nerve pathways that run throughout the body nourishing the organs and tissues, an obstruction in these pathways can lead to imbalance, illness or pain in the body.

There are specific acupuncture points that are located along these pathways. By placing extremely thin needles into these points, the pathways will become unblocked, therefore relieving pain and restoring the body back to balance.

Acupuncture has been recognized by the National Institute of Health and the World Health organization to help a wide variety of ailments.
  • Initial Treatment $95
  • Follow-Up Treatments $75
    (cash discount prices)
  • Ask about a multi treatment package discount
  • Many Insurances are Accepted
  • If you provide us with your insurance information,
    we can let you know whether you are covered
Some ailments acupuncture can treat:
Arthritis, back pain, neck pain, knee pain, digestive disorders, anxiety, infertility, insomnia, weight loss, fibromyalgia, fatigue, neuropathy, and so much more! If you don't see your ailment included , please call to find out if acupuncture can help you. Herbal supplements can be an alternative to using prescription or over-the-counter medications. Based on your health concerns and wellness evaluation, we will recommend essential herbal supplements to help balance your system.

Cold Laser Therapy
Reduce or eliminate your pain with this non-invasive and drug-free procedure. Cold Laser therapy is a 10-15 minute treatment where a low-level laser is used to repair tissue and reduce inflammation. Cold Laser can be used for any area of the body experiencing pain and can effectively break up scar tissue; the common cause of painful conditions. We have seen great success with this treatment, especially when combined with acupuncture. A series of treatments may be necessary.
  • Cold Laser treatment: $35
  • Add-on to Acupuncture: $15

  • Cupping Therapy
    Cupping is an ancient healing technique where suction is created on the skin with the use of glass cups. Moving the cups back and forth mimics the rolling action of a deep tissue massage, without any discomfort. Cupping is an effective and relaxing therapy to relieve muscle pain and remove toxins from the body.
  • Cupping Treatment: $40

  • Pain Relief Programs:
    We have seen the best pain relief results when we combining acupuncture, cold laser therapy and orthopedic or trigger point massage therapy. Call for a free consultation to determine the right course of treatment for you.
  • Prices vary.

  • Our Philosophy

    The name for our wellness center comes from a Kogi word. The Kogi Indians strive to preserve their culture today by living isolated from the rest of the world in the mountainous jungles of Colombia. They see themselves as the guardians of life on Earth and believe that it is their mission to care for our planet. Picture The concept of "Aluna" is central to their spiritual philosophy. The word means "pure potential" and "creation". We chose the name Aluna, to represent our belief in the same philosophy that we have the ability to create anything we desire in this life.

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